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MAUREEN'S TINY TOPPERS at EduStart : Leading Mumbai’s Preschooling since 1998…

“EduStart” (formerly known as “HeadStart”), was founded in 1998 by Maureen Sequeira, a renowned and well known Early Childhood Education specialist in Mumbai. Within a short period of time, the Multi-Activity Centre for PreSchool children became known for a Standard of Excellence in Teaching children from Nursery and Kindergarten and preparing them for a confident entry into Bombay’s best known mainline schools.

At the very start, Maureen set a Unique Standard in the Child : Teacher Ratio of 6:1 - she insisted that there would be One Teacher for Every Six Children. Thus, every child was given Personalised attention by the teacher and this makes a Huge difference. Soon, one classroom grew to eight classrooms, each with no more than 25 children and as many as 4-Teachers !


Maureen’s Preschool, soon grew to eight classrooms and over 200-Children ! That pattern continues till today, with each term resulting in wait-lists of children and parents keen to be enrolled at “EduStart”, in preference to any other preschool.

“EduStart” is widely acknowledged to be among the city's top Child Development Centres, because it offers a unique blend of Academics and Play-Learn activities that bring out the latent creativity of the child and develops the child's self-confidence, knowledge and social skills to give each child a rich foundation.




“EduStart” accommodates children in three Classes :

Mother Toddler: Age 8-Months to 18-Months

Play Group : Age 18-Months to 2.3-Years

Level-1 (Nursery) : Age 2-Years to 3.2-Years

Level-2 (Junior KG) : Age 3-Years and 4.6+Years

Kid with Tortise 1
Kid with Tortoise 2

Each year, children graduate from Play-Group to Level-1(Nursery) and from Nursery-Level-1 to JKG Level-2.

Through several years, the Children from EduStart, have been are rated as Most Admissible to Mainline Schools. Each year several children from EduStart’s roster, secure Admission at Mumbai’s Premier Mainline schools like Cathedral & John Conan, Campion, Ambani, J.B Petit, Aditya Birla World Academy and other premier schools.

The reason for such Consistent Outstanding success with PreSchool children, is the Curriculum, the Unique Method of Teaching and the Personalised attention that every child receives at EduStart - the well experienced, kind, caring, devoted and dedicated teachers who have been with us between 10 to 18 years are well appreciated by parents.

Quite simply : The Quality of Teacher- Child inter-action at EduStart is at a level that most Preschools cannot match.

EduStart At “EduStart” it's not the Jungle-Gym or the Water and Sand Pit or the Slide and Rope-Climber or the Tunnels, the Toys or Games etc, that make “EduStart” unique and the best start that you can offer your child - at “EduStart” it is the Unique System of Child Foundation Development conceived by Ms Maureen Sequeira, that parents across the city want for their child.

Insightful age-appropriate Activities specially geared to unlock the child's latent creativity are the backbone of the system. These Learning Activities are embellished by plenty of rich stimulating Media like Models, Shapes, Play-Puzzles, Musical Rhymes, Dramatics, and Field-trips to assist in the child's quest to learn about the world around.

Art And Craft

Art And Craft

Art & Craft occupy an important place in the “EduStart” Curriculum, because it is important for children to engage in creative activities to stimulate imagination, Creative Thinking and invent new ways of thinking that goes beyond Art and Craft.

At “EduStart” Art & Craft are uniquely and charmingly different from the usual art-craft that ordinary preschools offer. EduStart’s Art & Craft are innovative, exciting for the children and sometimes often amaze the parents too. Completing the crafts successfully gives children a great sense of pride and accomplishment and this adds to their confidence.



Such dramatic play is vital for the child’s development – it enhances a wide range of skills from Social and Emotional skills to Language skills, Thinking skills and it nurtures Imagination – that vital aspect of stimulating Creativity. Dramatic Play also teaches Co-operation with others, and taking turns, while at the same time expanding the child’s attention span.

At “EduStart” Dramatic Play is given a very important place in the Curriculum and children are often encouraged to play out the Nursery Rhymes and Songs that are taught. Their best dramatic skills shine on the day of the annual concert and even on other celebration days like Thanks-Giving, when they are encouraged to play-act with costumes.

Story Telling

Story Telling

Appreciative parents often ask how it is that children just seem to learn more at EduStart ! Maureen Sequeira only smiles benignly whenever she is asked this question - there are several factors that are unique to EduStart she says.

header sliderThe child’s listening skills and imagination are enhanced while the attention span expands. Storytelling improves the social and emotional skills of the child, while it also expands the vocabulary. During the telling of the story by the teacher, some children often ask questions and this leads to an enquiry about aspects of the story or it may even lead to an impromptu development of the story onto a different path entirely. The children are filled with awe and wonder as they imagine themselves in the landscape of the stories that are told.



Children at EduStart are Tops in Vocabulary and Pronunciation…

Parents are often pleasantly surprised and impressed by the Vocabulary and Pronunciation by Children at EduStart. And they are even more impressed when they notice that the child learns to read earlier than most other children. Phonic awareness is encouraged with the repetition of the sight and sounds of letters and instruction infused with variety everyday, to keep it interesting for the children.

PhonicsPhonics is a method of teaching the English language, that helps the child learn the relationship between the letters of the written language and the sounds of the spoken language. From the early age of three years, children at EduStart begin to be exposed to Alphabetics (the written Letter signs) and Phonics (the Spoken Sound of Letters). This helps them to rapidly master the Spelling of words by breaking down the Sounds within the words. Thus they begin to learn Reading much earlier than other children of the same age.

So the next time you meet a child from “EduStart”, don’t be surprised how early she has learned to read or how well she speaks and the wide vocabulary she is conversant with – this is a natural result of the specialized instruction at EduStart.

Character Development

Character Development

We incorporate a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence in every child, and stimulate a sense of enquiry in their young minds.

Character DevelopmentWe incorporate core values Gratitude, Concern for others, Sharing, Respect for Parents and Elders. Love for the country and Patriotism, and Respect for all living creatures. Values are caught not taught, as children are surrounded by good teachers. The children are shaped by the goodness of those around them. The atmosphere and the freedom to grow are important and implies a certain discipline in academics and social behaviour, that builds a corporate sense. EduStart is special because it is genuinely Child-Centred This implies a great deal of unselfishness on the part of the teachers. The staff student ratio guarantees individual attention to each child.


The importance of Good Values, Manners, Health, Hygiene and Happiness are dealt with through skits and role play. We maintain an enriched library full of informative books for the teachers and for the tiny tots too. We celebrate each Festival with Gusto. We believe It is imperative that our children learn about their Country and its past - they do this through song and dance and skits and so we sow the seeds of patriotism in them early in life.



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Something Unique at EduStart – it’s the Teaching Method !

Unlike many of the Franchised Brands of Preschools that have multiplied across the country in the last ten years, “EduStart” has chosen to have only a few outlets to remain an Exclusive Brand, in order to ensure the Quality of Education.

“EduStart” (formerly “HeadStart”) first ventured into Franchising the Brand in 2007, and within a short period of time Franchisees were appointed across Mumbai. Soon after, in 2010 we were approached by Camlin Ltd, India’s Largest manufacturer of Art Materials and a 500-Crore company – they wanted to diversify into the business of Preschooling and HeadStart-EduStart was selected to provide the Curriculum, Teaching Method, Worksheets and Business Model.

Character DevelopmentFrom that collaboration was born “AlphaKids”, which is now one of the premier Preschools in North Mumbai.

EduStart is once again looking to appoint Franchisees in various towns in South and Central India. If you possess 1,500-2,000 sq/ft of Ground Floor premises with an Outdoor play area and are interested in making a success of the Preschool business, get in touch with us.

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